New Interactive Bootstrap Directory Themes Available

Our team is excited to announce the release of seven new interactive directory themes. This means it is easier than ever to launch a directory website that specializes in the industry you will be targeting (deals, local events, properties, etc). 

We suggest reading this article to help understand which directory theme is best for your next directory website:

You can also submit a ticket to request converting your current Bootstrap site to one of our latest themes. The setup cost is $200, and you can use your credits towards this. If you are launching a new website, you can select any of these themes during the Basic Implementation process. 

To try our new interactive themes, please click on any of the links below: 

If you have any questions whatsoever, please let us know! Our team is working hard on releasing additional themes, so please keep an eye out for these!

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Thank you for sharing this, Patrick. :)


Do you have a script or some kind of a tool that we can use to easily "clone" these themes for our BD sites? This will be super helpful especially for those who own and plan to purchase multiple sites.

Can you post what "color sets" those demo themes use?

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I'm possibly interested in utilizing the "Jobs Theme", upon scoping the demo I have one question:

Is there a means to browse and search "employees" or users that are posting resumes and looking for jobs?

Johnny - yes absolutely!  You can choose to have any membership level searchable or not searchable by using this setting in the Privileges Tab of each Membership Level's Settings:

Thanks Jeff,

I was well aware of this option. I even recently expanded on it in this thread:

The issue I'm having is that I want to simplify the backend and profile setup for "visitor" users that the sole aspect should be saving "favorites" to reference later and being able to submit reviews for listings. 

Thus, not needing all the clutter and details of the profile setup and listing elements. 

Patrick - if I want to use one of these themes on one of my licenses that is not yet being used - how would I get that activated? Can I do something in my panel or does support have to do it. Is there a charge for that? There is nothing on the license I want to use - so no need to do anything with current data (there is none).



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Hi. I am interested in starting a property website. Can some one advise me if its possible to integrate xml data feed as most real estate agents use xml feed to advertise on multiple websites. Thanks

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REAL ESTATE: Do you plan on adding IDX features into the real estate theme? 

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Any update on the issue raised by Johnny Gryglewicz above? I have the same question and would be keen to hear the answer

Hi Cathryn and Johnny, 

Yes, we have made big updates to the Bootstrap Theme that allows for a much more simplified signup process for website visitors just looking to favorite item. You can learn more about this here:

We also have a detailed article that covers how to leverage the favorites feature here:


So, we purchased Brilliant and ready to get started on our industry site.  We can't find anywhere that allows us to choose the theme we want. The default seems to be a Membership theme. Just spent 20 minutes going through help and have not found any instructions on how to select the theme we want to start with other than saying just change your colors and such. That is not a theme, but instructions, so we know that can't be right. :)  Where is the theme selection setting?  Can you just post the link, please?  Because that sucker is not obvious.  Thank you!

TD, you need to open a ticket to get the theme installed on your directory, it is mentioned somewhere.