Adding Your Website Currency Throughout The Website

It is now possible to easily add the proper currency symbol throughout your entire website. 

In order for you to select the currency for your member features, such as products, properties, classifieds, jobs, etc.., please follow these steps:

1. Login to the admin of your website and go to SETTINGS >> ADVANCED SETTINGS

2. In the search bar type the word: "currency"

3. In the Default Value box add the currency desired. (i.e ₲, ₤, €, ¥..)

Click here for you to see all of the currency symbols available for you to you use.

Below you will see how the currency symbol appears in the Member Features.

- This is the area where you place the symbol:

- This is how you will see the currency symbol when adding the price to the feature:

- This is how it looks on the member profile:

- This is how appears on the feature details page:

- The currency symbol will also be updated on the pricing slider of each member feature search module:


1- If you already have content on your member features (published) you will need to access each of those features, re-enter the price in the pricing field and Save, in order for the currency symbol to be updated properly on old posts.

2- The Website Currency has no relation with the Member Feature Currency Symbol, the Website Currency is to be used for transactions made in our platform, such as paying a membership level plan.

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Great addition to the system. Well done to the team.
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