Facebook Feed For Member Profile Pages

What Should I Know About This Update?

A Facebook Feed streams all of the latest posts and updates from a specific Facebook account. Only Facebook Company Pages or Fan Pages will stream content. Facebook does not allow personal facebook pages from being streamed. There is nothing that Brilliant Directories can do to change this limitation imposed by Facebook. 

IMPORTANT: If your members add personal facebook page links an error will display for all website visitors to see on the front end of your website. Also, adding the facebook stream will have a negative impact on the load time of the member profile pages. 

You can now have members stream their Facebook accounts in the sidebar of their accounts. The end product is similar to this:


How Can I Install The Facebook Feed For My Member Profile Pages?

Please follow these instructions:

Go to the ADMIN >> TOOLBOX >> SIDEBAR MANAGER >> MEMBER PROFILE PAGE SIDEBARSearch for "Bootstrap Theme - Module - Member Facebook Feed" in the widget sidebar:


Drag the Bootstrap Theme - Module - Member Facebook Feed widget into the slot you wish it to display on your member profile pages:


Click on "Save Changes"

Please note that a Facebook Feed will only show on a member's profile page if they have added a proper facebook link in their contact details form:


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This widget works  for most directories that list businesses. For example, I have a language school directory which works great with this since language schools have facebook pages. If you have a directory where you are listing individuals that would want to share a personal facebook page then this feature will not be useful to you.

Thanks, Patrick.

I understand that BD cannot control the security settings FB has in place, but then I ask what use is this widget?

If all of a site's members are businesses, then I guess this works fine; but what site would be like that?

It would be another thing if the widget at least failed quietly when it was a Personal Page, but showing an error message like that makes the feature, and thus the site, look broken and unprofessional...

Can the widget simply return nothing when this error happens?

Otherwise, pretty useless...

Thanks again,


Hi Aaron, 

I gather it is a privacy thing for facebook. Facebook designed this functionality for a business to be able to add this to their website. They did not think about its use for directory listings. I imagine Facebook wants to block me from being able to stream your personal facebook feed on my website, which is why it will only work for "Facebook Pages". There is no way around Facebook's policies for not allowing personal pages to be streamable. 

... Hmm, I also tried on a business (our own) and got the same error message.

But, do you know if this is intentional???  That business should work fine, but regular people's pages would display an error message???

Unimaginable,and yet not...




As this is just a widget, you should be able to add it anywhere you want on your site, but it would require doing a little custom PHP work.

You can use either widget function call:

[widget=Bootstrap Theme - Module - Member Facebook Feed]


<?php echo widget("Bootstrap Theme - Module - Member Facebook Feed","",$w[website_id],$w);?>

This might also require a little custom CSS work, to make it look the way you want, but again, it should be possible.

Hope this helps,


It will only work with Business pages, personal pages will display that error.


Added, but I get the following error message (screenshot attached):

Error: Not a valid Facebook Page url.

The URL I used is definitely a valid FB page, copied straight from the browser:

Any ideas?



Module works great, thanks for this add.

Is there any way to use this module inside the overview tab or floating below? When having an banner ad, twitter and facebook module--it now makes my sidebar content much long than my main content leaving a massive empty space.


Also, Is there a way for us to make the default message when a users link address is a personal page to state "Due to Facebook's Api Policy, personal feeds are unavailable" rather than an error message?


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