IDevAffiliate Announces Affiliate Tracking Integration With Brilliant Directories

IDevAffiliate has made it easy for Brilliant Directories customers to setup affiliate tracking on their Brilliant Directories websites

To learn more about this latest integration, please click here


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how many sites can you run on this with the cloud system!

Hi Jack, 

I believe this is an excellent question for the sales rep at idevaffiliate. They will be able to answer all of your questions regarding this integration. Thanks!

From IDev FAQs

Can I connect multiple websites to one license/installation of iDevAffiliate?

Yes. You can connect unlimited websites to one installation of iDevAffiliate through the use of Marketing Groups. Create a marketing group for each website and set each marketing group to have it’s own defined incoming traffic page. Now upload marketing materials to each group. When affiliates login to get banners, links, etc., they will choose which marketing group to get the banner, link, etc. from. Traffic they deliver will be routed according to the incoming traffic page defined for that marketing group. If this is not how you want to setup your program, you will need a seperate installation of iDevAffiliate for each of your websites and you will need to manage these websites independently from each other. ie. Each installation will have it’s own admin center.

Has anyone been using Idev affiliate successfully and found it easy to integrate.

After taking this on board in the hope that I could have a viable program to generate business, it would seem this is not really what we need at BD. Sure it tracks your affiliate, but only one time. If you have a yearly price, then it may be worth it. However, if you have monthly payments like many of our bd websites and customers, the affiliate can only get commission one time only and not on a recurring basis as with a monthly option. This will actually put off potential affiliates and the cost of using the service on a monthly basis will not be viable on one time commissions. This could be an awesome service and would help to take bd and clients to the next level, but what is needed to make this work is the recurring commission ability. There is a little disappointment for me as its not really clear and you jump in thinking you can get a great affiliate program going with Idev, It's not the case at the moment, but I do hope that will change, and soon. Would love to hear any thoughts and workarounds. 

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Hi guys. I'd like to chime in here and offer information for others as we did for Jock a few days ago via support ticket talking about this topic. Currently, the integration is done via 'tracking pixel' code placed in to a location within the BD admin center called "Conversion Tracking Codes". This is a feature made available by the BD system. That pixel code is output (or drawn) on the confirmation page shown to the customer after payment is complete. Its a one-time pixel shown only during the initial checkout process. It is not triggered for each billing cycle. That leaves for an initial/one-time commissioning option only. As noted for Jock in our support ticket together, we have other options for integrating support for recurring commissions but would require a webhooks feature to do so. Using a webhook, the pixel code can be fired off after a specific event. ie. payment_complete or invoice_paid or something similar. That way each time a payment is received, the webhook is called and commission created (bingo - we now have recurring commissions for the life of the subscription). After a quick search it seems BD is in the process of creating a webhooks feature for an upcoming release. Once that feature becomes available within BD, we can redesign the integration routine to support recurring commissions using the webhook feature instead of tracking pixel code. We look forward to updating this integration for you when webhooks become available. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly via our support desk and I'll be happy to assist in any way I can, with any questions you might have about the integration. We thank you for the opportunity to work with the BD community and look forward to improving and building upon the existing integration we offer.

Jim Webster

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Very keen to hear about the webhook update so we can track subsequent subscription payments and enable recurring commission to happen. Any news from Brilliant Directories on an ETA for this webhook?

there won’t be a web hook, it is a third part dev. I am moving forward in having this developed but would be happy to do this jointly with others to save costs.

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Yes, Jock is correct. I misspoke about BD developing a webhooks feature. I read in another forum thread that it was something being worked on for a future release but have since been told via direct contact with the BD team that no webhook feature is on the horizon. That being said, I believe Jock is taking this project on. I have one of our developers going to look at an alternative to webhooks as well and will update as we make progress.

i think a valient effort by us all JiM should bring us all a great solution as it is something drastically needed. 

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Looking forward excitedly to this!!!

So glad I saw this before investing in the iDev - we need monthly tracking for sure.  Gues it's back to the drawing board!


We are trying to work a way around it. Jim and I are in touch and will be trying to figure out something soon. We all need this.

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Any news on this ?

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