The Future Is Bright!

As one of the first-ever users and lovers of Brilliant Directories (and currently a proud member of the executive team), I wanted to write a personal note to all of the current and future users and lovers of this magical piece of software.

When Brilliant Directories was first born several years ago, it was much like a newborn baby - it had a world of potential and ambition laying in front of it, but had a lot of growing up and maturing to do before it could become a fully functional, independent, productive member of society.  But baby Brilliant was so darn cute, that nearly everyone that laid eyes on her couldn't help but fall in love.

As time went on more and more people had fantastic ideas for what Brilliant should be and do in the future, and all of these influences from both the users and creators of the software quickly developed into the extremely ambitious, all encompassing, cutting-edge piece of software that it is today (she went to ballet lessons, piano classes, space camp, soccer practice, and nearly every other activity you can think of during her young life!).

Now in her teenage years, she has grown up quite a bit.  Through all of that love and attention from everyone involved in her life, she has gained a multitude of amazing skills (features), has experienced some heartache at times (how'd that bug get there?), and has an extremely bright future on the horizon.

And much like a normal teenager, this is an important moment in her life to focus on who she is at her core and how to prepare herself to squeeze every bit of that potential out of her promising future.

Over the last couple of years, we have been working hard to quickly add a slew of features and abilities to the software that were requested by our brilliant community so they could realize all of their wildest website dreams (darting from school - to baseball practice - to singing lessons can tire you out!).

Now that she has packed in all of the extra curricular activities and taken all of her exams, it's time for Brilliant to reflect and focus on who she is at the core to make sure she has the rock-solid foundation she needs to thrive in whatever environment the future may hold.

After much careful consideration, we have decided to focus our development efforts in the coming months on the following areas in order to deliver the best (and most future-proof) platform possible:

  • Make the core code as clean, modular, fast, understandable, stable, and optimized as possible to provide a rock-solid foundation for our team and developers around the world to build on their dream platform
  • Build out full-fledged developer documentation to enable our team to expand more quickly and for any developer to create custom features and websites that push the limits of what is possible on the web
  • Re-evaluate all of the newest development technologies available today (and take a look at what's coming tomorrow), to implement smart solutions into the platform now that take advantage of all of the latest web trends and technologies on the horizon

As a member of the community here and a user of the Support Portal, you may have noticed the strides we have taken to improve the experience of using Brilliant Directories and getting your questions answered.  We are now shifting this focus onto the core of the software to make sure your websites are built on the most advanced, powerful, and stable platform possible, with the future of your site in mind.

The once-baby Brilliant is all grown up and getting ready for a brave new world.  We hope that you are as excited for the future of Brilliant Directories as we are!

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