Exciting Core Updates Ahead

As we shared with all of our partners last month in our announcement “The Future Is Bright”, Brilliant Directories is shifting our development team’s focus onto the core of the software to make sure your websites are built on the most advanced, powerful, and stable platform possible, with the future of your site in mind.

How Can Brilliant Directories Deliver on this Promise? 

A software company is only as strong as the community it provides services for. Strong communities report known issues which provide insight into which updates will provide the most value for all users of the software. Rather than try to fix issues on an individual basis, which essentially provides a band-aid fix that is prone to causing issues in the future, our team is focusing on updating core modules of the software. This approach will result in robust, long-term fixes to multiple known issues and prevent the occurrence of new issues in the future. To make sure we are transparent about the modules being worked on, we wanted to provide you with the following updates:

Special Characters Issue Resolved

We are happy to announce that our team has permanently resolved all known issues relating to special characters with this update.  These improvements include:

Importing of special characters now being respected

Special characters are now displaying properly in the admin

Special characters are now displaying properly in the front-end

All databases are encoded to accept special characters correctly

A script has been created for any previous site that has reported this issue to help resolve it quickly. 

If your site is experiencing issues with special characters, please Submit a Ticket or email support@brilliantdirectories.com and we will run the script for your site immediately. 

What’s the Current Module Being Worked On? 

Our team is in the final stages of updating all of our locations-related functions to make use of the Google Maps API. This update will insure that our software is using Google’s cutting edge location data and tools to improve the performance of your website across the board.

In the past, any search result that was not an exact match for a location would return an error.  This means that if you typed in a location with its localized spelling (“Montréal” for example), then the system would not recognize this location.

With this update, the software will be able to recognize a broad set of location inputs, regardless of accents or prepositions. For example, you can test this out yourself in our beta sandbox that is being used for this feature: 

Search Results for: Montréal

Search Results for: in Montréal

Search Results for: montreal

As you can see, the location field understands all of these inputs as the same location, despite the variations in spelling or the addition of a preposition like “in”.

Visitors to your site will also be able to search for members near landmarks:

Search Results for: Empire State Building

This update will mark a large step forward for the accuracy, extendability, and usability of your sites.

What is Brilliant Directories Planning on Releasing Next?

The next module that we will be focusing on is the Leads Module. There are going to be significant upgrades to this which will offer pinpoint location matches (using our breakthrough with the Google Locations API), and offering the ability to filter members by services offered. We will make sure to address all of the known bugs reported to this point when executing on this update well.

Will You Fix Bugs That Are Preventing Me From Doing Business?

Bugs that are preventing the basic operation of your website will continue to be addressed in a timely manner. If the bug being reported will be best fixed in a future update, we will take note of the issue and make sure it is addressed during the next update to the affected module. 

Be sure to keep coming back to the Announcements section of the Community for more exciting updates over the coming weeks and months!

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