3rd Party Online Business Tool Center

We're excited to announce our Directory 3rd Party Tool Center for our Brilliant Directories family! This section has been created by Brilliant Directories employees, with the goal of sharing all of the helpful resources that are used on a daily basis to help users such as yourselves. 

We hope that you find this new section helpful and we certainly hope to get your feedback on how we can make this section even more helpful for you!

You can check it our here: Brilliant Directories 3rd Party Tool Center

Is it possible to integrate a 3rd party e-commerce script like PrestaShop, Wordpress, etc?


Hi Ralph, 

It's not possible to host a third party platform for security reasons. There is a great solution however, and that is to create a subdomain and host your third party solution there. We have many partners running a Wordpress blog on a subdomain of their website. 

If the 3rd party solution does not need to be hosted on your server, then it is possible to integrate it with our software. Some partners for example use shareasale for affiliate links. 

I see, so if I wanted to make a business directory with multiple tabs for example: | Listings | News | Blog | Shop | . When someone clicks on shop for instance it can be redirected to the sub domain site hosted elsewhere?


Yes Ralph, it is possible to create a menu tab on your BD site and if a user clicks on any option, they can be redirected to another domain or sub domain hosted elsewhere.

Thanks guys


Will there be an update soon to the Brilliant Marketplace 3rd Party Tool Center? There are a few of the services that are now obsolete.


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