Bootstrap Testing Update

Hi everyone and a huge thank you for testing our soon to be released Bootstrap based platform. With your help we have accomplished many things over a short period of time. So if you are one of our Bootstrap testing Partners we have created this post to let you know some of the issues you might encountered while testing and working on the Bootstrap platform. This list might grow over time or simply disappear as we work towards a final bug free release based on everyone's feedback:


- If you happen to see that your Manage Profile menu on your sidebar is not showing the Profile Photo Tab correctly (showing it as null) the solution is to clean the browser's cache and your site's cache.

To clean your Site's cache, on your backend click on the Refresh Cache link on the top right corner

Reason - Why did this happen? Well basically it is because we are working almost 24/7 (I could bet 28 hours a day, 9 days a week) on solving all bugs. Since many files and sections of the system are updated on a hourly basis (Very fast) while we try to arrive at our final stable version for the Bootstrap platform, the cache system does not refresh as fast as we do the updates, so it confuses the files. To solve this, by clicking on the Refresh Cache option, you are actually telling the system to redo the whole Cache for your site, effectively updating any cache on your site to the latest. The cache eventually updates every so many hours, but if you experience this and do not want to wait, click on the Refresh Cache link.

If there are any additional general bugs to be mentioned while we work on this, they will be posted here for everyone to know and work together for the next generation of our platform.

Many thanks for your efforts!

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