Bootstrap Staging Mode Update

We have made a new update when a bootstrap website is in STAGING MODE.

1. There will now be a message at the top of the main website notifying the partner about the Staging Mode, so the partner does not get confused when clicking on VIEW WEBSITE from the backend admin panel and seeing their homepage. The message also includes a link to their "Coming Soon" Page so they can see how the page will look to visitors.

2. The website will not be indexed by search engines, it will use noindex nofollow while in staging mode. What this means is that search engines will not save any internal pages of the site until staging mode is turned off. This was creating confusion when on staging mode and the majority of members do not want their site indexed by search engines during staging mode, so this will solve both of this problems. 

To see how Staging Mode works, here is a Staging Mode Sample Site to see it in action.