Brilliant Directories Community Guidelines

Hi and welcome to the Brilliant Directories Community ;-)


If you are new to the community, please take a few minutes to read the community rules that have been put in place to ensure the community remains a positive and constructive resource for all Brilliant Directories users. 



How and where can I ask my questions?

We always love to help you out! Here are some basic tips to help ensure you get an excellent answer to your question as quickly as possible:


1. Search for your questions in our KNOWLEDGE BASE and COMMUNITY FORUM before asking. Chances are, your question might already have an existing answer. Many times, other members like yourself offer great answers to already existing questions.  If you can find an existing answer, your solution is available instantly! 


If you find a post that does not have the exact answer you are looking for, feel free to create a new question and add a link to the previously searched question explaining what was missing or what differs from it, so we can merge it later on for future users. This will help us improve the overall quality of the resources available for everyone.


If you can't find an existing answer to your question, please see this article for more information about all of the support channels you have available to you. Some questions are better submitted as a ticket, some are better suited for the Community, and others are best to be submitted to the Marketplace.


If it turns out that your question is best suited to be added to the Community, we've created some guidelines based on the feedback of the members of the community that will allow us to provide help as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Community Guidelines


Questions should be made in one of the following categories depending on your need and should not be about Customization Requests, Bugs or Platform Upgrades (eg: Upgrading to Bootstrap framework), or customer support :


General Feedback - Questions that are not specific to any other category and do not need a concise answer. Discussions about the platform, ways of working with the system, and general feedback between members can be added to this category. In this category, users & developers provide each other with general best practices, tips and tricks to get the most out of the platform.


Developer's CornerQuestions related to the look and functionality of the site. This category can include how to do minor modifications, how to position elements on the page, and how to change the overall look of a certain page, widget, or section of a site. Questions that pertain to how to go about coding a section of the site, adding functionality to a specific widget, customizing the way information is processed in the database, or other related development questions can go here. If the question relates to some heavy changes, we recommend going to the Market Place.


Feature Request - Awesome ideas for future features and functionality wanted!. Your idea will be voted on by other members of the Community and you can continue expanding on it. We recommend being as specific as possible about how you would like the new feature / functionality to work, adding any details that would allow the BD Team to take on this project in the future and make it available to all users of the platform. Including screenshots, videos, examples on other websites, or any other supporting materials is always helpful!. If the question relates to some heavy changes, we recommend going to the Market Place.


2. Report a Problem - Report a bug, a glitch, responsive issues, a monster under the code, or anything not correctly showing or working on your site. Have no fear, simply send a ticket to our BUG TRACKER system and we will assist you as soon as possible. Any bugs should be submitted as a ticket so our team can better track the issue, provide feedback, and solve it as quickly as possible. If a bug is reported here in the Community, the post will be deleted or moved to a ticket to make sure it is attended to promptly. 


3. Adding details and being specific. Adding images, your site's name and URL, a video, or audio if possible can go a long way in receiving a faster and more helpful response. In general, the more details you can provide and the more specific you can be the better!


4. No Forum Piggybacking / Hijacking. A Forum hijacker or someone that piggybacks on the forum is someone who unintentionally asks a tangential or totally new question inside an existing question thread, many times not even related to the original topic or simply many days, weeks, or months after it was already answered. 


This creates several issues, but primarily it makes it more difficult for other members of the Community to find the question and provide a quick answer, while also making it difficult for future users to find the answers to their questions. 


If you need to ask a new question related to the main topic of an existing thread, please ask yourself:


    1. Was the last answer on the existing thread posted many days ago?

    2. Is the question not related to the main question in the post?

    3. Is my question related to a bug?

If you answered YES to at least one of them, then we highly recommend creating a new post or file a ticket (If it is a bug report). This will help us focus and track your issue better on your issue and help new and existing members find your question and its answer more easily.

5. No Duplicate Topics. If we find a topic that is identical to another ongoing thread our team will convert the new duplicate topic into a ticket notifying the member that there is already a thread open for this. 

6. No selling products or promoting services: Sharing your company name, website or contact information in any shape or form will lead to the suspension of your Forum account. This is a place to share ideas, not sell and promote your products. 


In addition to the information mentioned above, we have taken the following steps to ensure that future questions are answered on time and newly created questions are easier to follow:

Questions that have been answered and the original poster has added a confirmation reply (eg: Thank you note, saying that the answer correctly corresponded to the question at hand, etc..) will be automatically set as "Answered" and locked to prevent future piggybacking on that specific thread.

Questions that were answered and have not been replied to for 7 days will also be closed as "Answered" and locked to prevent future piggybacking.

These two actions help our team focus on answering new questions and issues users post in the Community, while also avoiding the revival of old threads with possibly unrelated information or outdated solutions.

6. IMPORTANT - you cannot post sites for sale on our community forum

If you post your site(s) for sale on our forum, we must remove those posts right away, we can recommend that the person sells their site on in a private message to them.


7. If you get an answer that does not solve your issue, please let us know right away. Our objective is to offer you the best possible solution, so helping us understand your issue and giving us a hand if we need more information will save time for both you and anyone who wants to help you find a solution. 


Remember, we are mere humans. Only Spock can arrive at a logical solution to your problem without any feedback.



How to give and receive good answers

Members and Developers work together to add to the community and help each other. With this in mind, Members can always answer other Members’ questions, including giving examples, sharing ideas, providing feedback, and more. 


At the end of the day, we are all here to help, learn, and share. Always remember that the users of the software are at the heart of Brilliant Directories and any feedback you have will always be welcomed and appreciated.


If a reply answers your question on the same thread, you can mark it as THE ANSWER by clicking on the Answer icon on the reply post . This will have several benefits, mainly:


It will tell other users that the answer to the question was found It will let developers, support staff, community staff, and community members know the question has an answer, saving them time. It will make the community staff life easier since they can focus on other questions and provide, by doing this, quicker responses to other members.

So always remember to mark a reply as an answer if it covers and solves the question at hand.


How to request new features or ideas to be implemented on the Brilliant Directories System?

All suggestions and ideas that offer new features, enhancements or an amazing new way of thinking can be done via our Feature Request System. So go crazy and offer any awesome ideas you have that will make Brilliant Directories even brighter.



Some of the best questions and answers have come from many of our members, but we would like give special thanks to: Abigail, Allan, Alice, Asaf, Asharow, BizCity, Bret, Brian, Brillz, Chris, Christopher, Dahlian, Devan, Dylan, Fireman, GavinM, Ghazan, Ginnp, Greencastle, Hieu, James, Jan, Jeff, JJWill, John Smith, Josh, JT, Legalace, Lionel, Louise, Matt, Melissa, Paul, Proaging, Ray, Reed, RobbLeech, Samuel, SeaCur, Steven, Tai, Webezy and many others that have helped shape the whole community, the BD platform, and our way of working together.  You are our kaizen path.

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