Members-Only Content Feature

Make sure to check out our latest feature - Members-Only Content for the Bootstrap Theme. Co-Founder, Jason Haloossim, takes you on a private tour to show you how you can easily designate members-only content for your website. This highly requested add-on adds one more feature to help you get paying members for your website!

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Thanks Patrick

I've been through the video and it looks great.  However, I'm interested in having a page locked down for members so they can only access certain resources if a paying member.  I couldn't work out how to set this up as the new feature looks like it only applies to content uploaded to member profiles such as coupons and events.

If I want to add a resources page which paying members can access with their passwords, please can you advise how I set this up?



Hi Abigail, 

We just created this functionality and made an announcement here for our Bootstrap Theme: How To Make Custom Pages Members Only

Please email support if you have any questions regarding this. Thanks!

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