Bootstrap Updates - New "Send Member Message" Setting, Custom Member Badges, and Sub-Accounts Documentation

It's been a very busy couple of weeks here at Brilliant Directories. Our team recently released extensive documentation regarding our new premium plugin, "Sub-Accounts". You can click here for additional information.

New "Send Member Message" Setting

A very popular request from our valued customers as been to make limiting who can be contacted on your directory easier. You can now control which membership levels can be contacted! If set to "No", members of a certain membership level will have all of their contact forms and contact buttons removed. This adds an additional feature directory owners can use to convince members to upgrade to a premium membership level. Click here for additional information

Additional New Features

Homepage Search Module Padding - Click here for more info

Updating Custom Member Badges - Click here for more info

Hi Patrick, quick question - if the Send Message button is removed, how do people get in touch with the members in the first instance (how do we now that they want to get in touch)?


Hi Patrick,

Will the New "Send Member Message" Setting - that is available for the Bootstrap Theme where   is now possible to completely control which members are able to receive messages, and which ones are not, be available for those of us who have the original classical theme, and if so when?


Hi Abigail, 

You will not know that someone wishes to contact your member. I personally prefer to leave the contact this member option for all members. Some of our customers however prefer to remove this option for a variety of reasons such as not wanting to have to manually match leads coming in when there is not even an email associated to that listing.  


This feature is exclusive to the Bootstrap Theme. Setting this up on the Classic Theme requires minimal customization. If you would like our team to complete this for your website please email us at and reference this forum post in order to receive the code required to accomplish this on your Classic Theme. 


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