Adding Favorites To Your Bootstrap Website

Our team released the documentation needed to include the "add to favorites" functionality to your Brilliant Directories Bootstrap website. 

Read Complete Favorites For Bootstrap Theme Documentation Here

If you prefer to have someone on our staff complete this for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at for a quote!

Awesome! Super excited about this, as I've needed this from day 1! Quick question: Would it be possible to set a membership level to allow for ONLY favoriting? Meaning that the user with this membership has no public listing or such, but can only favorite and save others on their back end?
Hi Johnny, yes that is possible through the Membership Level.


Can you please also make it easy for the member to see all their favorites from within their profile not just by browsing.

If you don't mind sharing, how is that done Michelle? I'm looking to have a basic user that isn't listing focused and can only save favorites to an easy to access "my favorites" section.

Hi Johnny, I heard from Warnner and it is a customisation but they did think it was a good idea. 

This is what I requested - Is there a way to view favourites in the profile. I can see favourites can be selected on each of the features (coupons, classifieds etc) and they display nicely but is there a way to display all my favourites on one page like a tab in my profile.

I am going to put through a wishlist request for this. 

Cheers Michelle

Has there been any progress on this feature request? It would be highly beneficial for my website too.

Considering the "Listings" member feature is not selected on one of my membership levels, I don't understand why it is still so listing focused...

This feature is a default feature now with Bootstrap Themes. 

We have a detailed article that covers how to leverage the favorites feature here:

You can learn about how to optimize the "General User" level here: