Here on Brilliant Directories we select the very best technologies for our partners. One of this is Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a Front-End Framework that adds value, user friendliness, responsive behaviour and style to your site. The benefits of using Bootstrap are many, but here are some that might interest you:

  • Allows web programmers to develop much faster by simply using the Grid system of Bootstrap.
  • Offers many additional visual enhancements you can use almost out of the box (Carousel, Modal, Typography, Icons, Progress Bar, Tooltip, etc..)
  • It is lighter than normal sites (Faster to load of Smartphones and Desktop)
  • Easier to learn and understand CSS code to style you site really fast.
  • It is designed to be Responsive by default so it will look great on your phone by default.
  • Consistent, so one change in one part will work on another.
  • You only need to change the code once to make it work on your Desktop, Tablet, smartphone and more.
  • Saves time (When loading, developing and more)
  • Compatible with future Web technologies

Bootstrap is simply an amazing way to get your site the way you want it, adapt any visual changes very quickly and not worry about developing 3 or more types of code to make it work on different devices. It does this and more for you. In the case you do not wish to apply this code by yourself or do not have the knowledge to get started, we offer training sessions and through the market place, 3rd party developers that can develop the responsive deign for you the way you want.

Important: If you are still using a Classic site and you would like to upgrade to our most updated version of our software please submit a ticket for us to help you with this transition.