To change the languages that you wish to use on your website follow these short steps:

1. Go to Website Translator Tool for Google and click on Add to your website now:

2.  Add the URL of your website and the original language of your website:

3. Make sure to select the Specific Languages and to select the ONLY languages that you wish to translate to:

4. Choose how you wish for this widget to look and click on Get Code:

5. Copy the Code that Google provides for you:

6. Now we will need to go back to our website and look for the widget: Bootstrap Theme - Header - Right and click edit:

7. Once we are in here we'll replace the code from line 8 - 14 with the code that Google provide for our website:

8. Save it and you should be able to see the change!

The final step is to make sure that it is set to display in your header: