Whenever you need to call a widget so that it displays on a web page, you are required to provide the short code which is formatted as such: 

[widget=your widget name here]

Often times, our customers would run into problems since even one extra space would break this code. We now have a new feature that will copy the declaration of a Widget so that such errors never occur again. 

To use this new tool go to Admin >> Tool Box >> Widget Manager.  Select a Widget, scroll down and you will find the new feature at the bottom of the code box. 


You will be able to copy the entire code using the BD Platform Shortcode (recommended for a general user) or using the PHP format (recommended for advanced, developer use).


Please see the examples shown below.

On a widget:

  1. Paste the code (CTRL+V) inside the HTML Box


On a webpage:

  1. Click on the "Coding Icon"
  2. Paste the code (CTRL+V)
  3. Click on "Save Web Page"


By "calling" a widget on a webpage, you will have all of the content of that widget display where ever you are placing the widget.