It is now possible to fully control which membership levels appear on your members upgrade page. 

This is an excellent update for two primary reasons:

  • You can now hide secret levels from your members
  • You can create affiliate membership levels and guarantee they will never appear as an option to your members during the signup process. 

To activate this update please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Members >> Membership Levels in the Admin area of your site

2. Click on "Edit" for any Membership Level

3. Click on the "Pricing" tab

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the "Install" button:

You will now see two new sections under the "Pricing" tab for each membership level. 

Available Upgrade Options

In this section you can control which membership levels can upgrade to the level you have selected. In the example above, I have selected only the Elite Member and Pro Member levels to appears should a free member on my website click on the "Upgrade" button. I do not want free members to see my "Friends & Family" or "Secret" levels at at any point, even if they have a higher search priority.

An option to "Select Recommended" will auto-select all membership levels that have a higher search result priority. 

Available Upgrade Descriptions

Now when members free members click on the upgrade button they will see the "from" description that is linked to the "Free" level, and the "To" descriptions of the "Elite" and "Pro" levels. 

Here is what your members will see:

Step 1: Click on Upgrade:

Step 2: Select Level: