This Article will illustrate the basic steps of adding a Google Custom Search, to any static page of your Brilliant Directories site. 

To get started you will need to create an account in the Google Custom Search page, you can find the link here:

Google Custom Search Engine

There is great documentation on how to create your Google Custom Search Engine account, to read more about this, please visit:

Create a search engine

Once the account has been created, you will be able to start playing around with the look and feel of your search engine, there are plenty of modifications and customization capabilities for your Search Engine, to learn more about this, please visit:

Introduction to Google Custom Search

Once you have the code, for your Search Engine, you can start working on setting it up, in your Brilliant Directories site. To get things started, you will need to create a widget. This widget will hold the Script code provided by Google. It will look something similar to this:

With the widget already created, you can add said widget to the new landing page, which will hold the <div> and other elements that you may want to add to the page. Here is a live example:

Adding a min-height rule to the <div> that holds the search widget, is a good way to ensure that it will display properly: