Many directory owners believe providing a "Special Discount Offer" to customers as a "Website Launch" promotion is the fastest way to grown a new business. If you are launching your first online directory, and are planning on leveraging a "Special Offer" as being the means of getting your first paying members, we STRONGLY recommend reading our article on the most common mistakes every directory owner should avoid:

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Since every niche is different, there are some instances when offering a :Special Offer" is a good marketing move. This article provides tips on the easiest ways to offer this to your potential members. 

This documentation is based on having two membership levels on the pricing page which is available to the public:

  • Free: A free level that provides only the basic features to members. 
  • Pro: $49/month or $499/year premium membership listing.

Special Email Offer

The most common strategy is creating a secret membership level, and sending out an email campaign to potential members offering a "Secret Email Promotion" with a direct link to sign up to the discounted level. 

To complete this please follow these steps. Please note that this strategy makes your promotional offer a "Secret" membership level, and it will NOT display on your pricing page unless you add it to the pricing menu. 

  1. Create a new membership level with a unique name such as "Top Secret Premium Package Offer (Expires Oct 2)". I recommend adding an expiration date to create a sense of urgency. 
  2. Make sure to setup the membership level properly by assigning the features and privileges. 
  3. Once you've saved your new membership level you will be able to hover over the "Payment Link". This will allow you to see the URL path to this membership level. In this case it is "". I need to copy this URL path in order to add it in my email template. Please note that the "Level ID" will always match the numerical value you need to add after "/checkout" or "/payment".  


  4. Create custom email template that promotes your special offer, and has a clickable link that takes them straight to the payment portal of your secret membership level, which will look like this:


  5. It is important that potential members do not see this special offer on your primary pricing page (/join). This will create the illusion that it truly is a special offer.

Adding A Coupon Code On The Pricing Page

Brilliant Directories is currently developing an update that will make it easy to link promo codes to your website that provides set discount amount to any membership level. The following is a workaround that allows you to assign a single promo code to your website that take users that successfully enter it to your secret discounted membership level or page. 

Many customers prefer to place a "Coupon Code" on the pricing page itself allowing potential members to access special pricing on a membership by properly entering a successful secret code. 

If you would like assistance with this custom coding please do not hesitate to request help in the marketplace. 

By following these instructions you will be able to place a box on your pricing page or on any page you choose that will allow someone to enter your secret code and be re-directed to the payment screen for your secret promotional level. It will look something similar to this:


Please note that support to place this code on your website is not included. If you require assistance with styling, or adjusting of this form please submit your request in the marketplace. 

How To Add This Promo Code Box On Your Pricing Page:

  1. Create a new widget on your website by going to TOOLBOX >> WIDGET LIBRARY >> CREATE NEW WIDGET
  2. Name the widget "Promo Code" 
  3. Paste the following code in the widget: 

if ($_POST["tokenHiddenDoor"] == $_SESSION["hiddenDoorToken"]) {
$keyValueRequired = "Brilliant";
$urlForKeySuccess = "/checkout/2";
$urlForKeyFailure = "/join";
$receivedHiddenDoorKey = $_POST["hiddenDoorKey"];
if (!empty($receivedHiddenDoorKey)) {
if ($receivedHiddenDoorKey  == $keyValueRequired) {
header("Location: " . $urlForKeySuccess);
} else {
header("Location: " . $urlForKeyFailure);
$_SESSION["hiddenDoorToken"] = uniqid();
<form name="frm_hiddenDoor" method="POST" action="/wapi/widget">
<input type="text" name="hiddenDoorKey" value="">
<input type="hidden" name="tokenHiddenDoor" value="<?php echo $_SESSION["hiddenDoorToken"] ?>">
<input type="hidden" name="request_type" value="POST">
<input type="hidden" name="widget_name" value="Hidden Door">
<input type="hidden" name="header_type" value="html">
<input type="submit" value="Please Enter Your Promo Code">

  1. It should look something like this:


  2. Click on "Save Changes"

  3. Copy the shortcode for your new widget. It should look something like this: 

    [widget=Promo Code]


  5. Click on the source code access for your pricing page:


  6. Paste the widget source code whereever you would like the Promo Code widget to display. Please note you may need assistance with this customization if you are not familiar with HTML and CSS. Please contact the marketplace with assistance should you require assistance with this. 


  7. Click on "Save Changes

  8. The Promo Box should now appear on your pricing page. 

                                                Customizing The Promo Code Widget:

                                                There are three primary lines that you will want to edit: 

                                                Changing The Promo Code

                                                On line 3 of the widget the current password is Brilliant. You can replace the word Brilliant with anything you wish:


                                                2. Editing the payment page that a user is directed to when submitted successfully

                                                Line 4 of the widget includes the page that you would like a potential member to be directed to when entered successfully. In this case, we are sending them to /checkout/2 as this is the payment page to our secret membership level. 


                                                3. Editing the page that a user is redirected to after an unsuccessful attempt. 

                                                On line 5 of the widget is where you control which page they are redirected to if they enter the wrong code. You can have them stay on the same page, or you may possibly want to create a custom page that informs them they have not entered the correct code.