What is the "Verify Listing" option? 

This is a feature that can be turned on or off for you website. This can't be controlled by membership level. It is either offered to all membership levels, or to none. The purpose of this feature is for your members to receive a badge on their listing that lets users know that the member was verified by the website administrator (you). 

A default badge will show on the profile (checkmark) and will show a message telling the public that the listing is verified if users hover over the icon. 


How Can I Turn On The Verified My Listing 

To turn on this feature please follow these steps:

  2. Type in "verify" in the keyword search
  3. To active this feature set it to "1". To turn this feature off set it to "0":


How Do Members Become Certified?

There is the complete process when a member asks to have its listing verified:

  1. Click on the "Verify Listing" link found under "Manage Profile: 


  2. Complete the form and click on "Send Message"
  3. Member will be prompted that the email has been sent:


  4. The member will receive a confirmation email letting them know the message has been recieved:


  5. The admin will receive a notification letting them know someone has left a message on the directory. We provide instructions below on how to customize the email that gets sent out to the admin you should wish to do this. 


  6. To view the details of the email sent to the admin you will be required to login and go to EMAILS >> FORM INQUIRIES in the admin portal. 

  7. You will be able to see the "verify my listing" submission in this section and can identify this by seeing the origin form (1). In the case that the email used was different than the email on file, you will be able to confirm which member submitted this form by using the "user_id" (2):


  8. Click on "View Inquiry" to read the complete inquiry and decide whether or not they have complied with your verification conditions:


  9. If you wish to set your member as "verified" go to MEMBERS >> SEARCH MEMERS and locate the specific member you would like to set as verified. 

  10. Hover of the "actions" icon and select "Quick Edit":


  11. Set member as "Verified Member" and click on "Save Changes":


Customizing the Verify My Listing Form & Modifying Which Emails Go Out

To customize the "Verify My Listing" form please follow these steps:

  1. Go to TOOLBOX >> FORM MANAGER >> "Listing - Verify Account" FORM


  2. This video goes over the steps of editing a form should you wish to add or remove fields to this form. 

  3. To change which email template is sent out (to the member or the admin) in the case that you have created a customized email that you would prefer to send out when someone submits a request to have their listing verified please click on "Edit Form Details" found in the "Actions" tab. 


  4. Click on the "Emails" Tab.

  5. Here you can easily select via dropdown which email template gets sent to the admin or member:


  6. Click on "Save Changes"