Brilliant Directories is now using "Lazy Load" functionality for "Profile Page Tabs". This update will increase load times for profile pages that have a lot of content, will use up less bandwidth, and improve the overall website experience. 

Why Did Brilliant Directories Make This Free Update?

In the past, a profile page would load all of the content uploaded by a member. If a member uploaded 250 events, the system would upload all of them at once, causing slow load times and using unnecessary bandwidth. There was also a known issue in the member dashboard, as all feature posts would also load here causing a long delay in load times. 

With this update, a member could literally have thousands and thousands  of posts, and the profile page will still only take seconds to load: 

We accomplish this by loading only a small number of each type of content.  When a user scrolls through the first ten results of any of the tabs, they are given the opportunity to click to see more results: 

Click to view more will load the next set of posts, and so forth. 

If you wish to edit the text that appears on the button (Click To Load More) go to SETTINGS >> TEXT LABELS and search for "click to load more". You can replace this with any text that you would like to have appear here in its place. 

How Can I Enable This For My Website

To enable this on your website please to DEVELOPERS >> ADVANCED SETTINGS and enable the following setting to "1":

  • setting enable_lazy_load

How Can I Control How Many Posts Are Displayed For The Member Profile Tab? 

This is controlled by individual content post settings. This means that you must edit each content post type following these instructions:

  2. Find the Post Type you wish to change and click on "edit"
  3. Click on the "Profile Page Design" tab
  4. Change the number of results you would like the lazy load to display:

What Else Is Included With This Update?

Along with the profile page tabs now utilizing lazy load technology, your member dashboard area will also receive a big update to increase load times and improve the overall experience as it pertains to adding or editing member posts. 

When clicking on "View Classifieds" for example, you will not see that only the first five will display. This copies the same layout as in the website dashboard. Here is the new look:

Here are some of the new features:

  • You can control how many entries are displayed at once by changing the number of rows in the top-left corner. 
  • You can search by keyword
  • You can filter between published or unpublished
  • This new update utilizes tabination, allowing your members to easily browse all of their content:

What Widgets Must Be Set To Default For This Update To Be Fully Operational? 

The following widgets must be disabled if they are customized on your website: 

  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Articles
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Articles with Sidebar
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Blog Articles
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Blog Articles with Sidebar
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Classifieds
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Coupons, Bootstrap
  • Theme - Display - Recent Events
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Jobs
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Photo Albums
    Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Products
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Properties
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Videos
  • Search - Group - Search Query