Brilliant Directories now makes it easy to clone (copy) entire menus, or copy menu sections within a menu itself. We will cover both new updates in this documentation. 

Copying An Entire Menu

In this example, I will show you the steps to take if I wanted to create a second pricing page for a website. This would save a lot of setup time as you can image. 

To "copy" the pricing menu I would follow these steps:

  2. Hover over "ACTIONS" and select "Clone" for the Pricing Page Menu:

  3. Click on "Yes" when the "Confirm Clone" prompt shows up.
  4. A new menu with a unique variable and name will now show up as one of your menu options:

  5. Click on "edit" to edit the new menu. 

  6. To call this form on your website you'll need this: [form=pricing_menu_clone_28]

Cloning Menu Sections Withing A Menu

In this scenario we are going to clone the "Basic" level which has 10 sub-menu items:

To clone this menu section please follow these steps: 

  1. Hover over "ACTIONS" and click on "Clone Menu Item"
  2. A pop-up will display providing you with three options:
    1. Cancel: Cancels the cloning procedure
    2. Clone All Sub-Levels: This will close the primary menu item and all of the sub-menu items that belong to this primary menu item. 
    3. Only Clone Selected: Will only clone the primary menu item, with none of the sub-menu items.