We are happy to announce a major update to the Lead Matching and Member Search System that will go into effect on March 29, 2017.

Whether searching for a member using the location and category search features on the front end of your website or matching leads based on location and category, it is expected that the results would be exactly the same.

However, these two features had diverged as they were developed as 2 separate systems - one system getting some updates that the other system would not.  This would lead to different results depending on the tool that was being used.

Moving forward, we are rolling them up into a single feature that has all of the latest updates from both of the previous features.  Not only that, this critical piece of the software has also been completely refactored to make search queries significantly faster and more robust than before.

How to Enable The New Functionality

If your website was launched anytime after March 29, 2017, this updated functionality is enabled by default on your website and there are no steps necessary.

If your website was launched prior to March 29, 2017, there are only a couple of steps necessary to make sure it is enabled on your website.

Note: This update is only available on the Bootstrap version of the software.

Default Widgets

First, make sure there is not a custom version of the following widgets on your site.  If there are, either disable or delete them and then Refresh the Cache of your website:

  • Search - Member - Search Query
  • Admin-Match-Leads (this one will never be visible or customized on your website unless done for a customization request fulfilled by our internal team)
  • System - SaveForm

Advanced Settings

Make sure the following Advanced Setting is set to 1:

  • Enable Latest Member Search and Lead Matching System

Once these two steps are complete, your site will officially be using the latest version of this functionality.

Changes to the Lead Matching System

As a part of this update, there were also a few changes to setting up the lead system:

  • The separate "radius" setting found in the Automatic Lead Matching Add-On settings will be removed.  Instead, both the member search and the Automatic Lead Matching Add-On will use the "Default Radius" Advanced Setting as its search radius value.
  • The "auto-match engine" setting for the Automatic Lead Matching Add-On will now always be set as "Search - Member - Search Query"
  • The option to "Automatically Match Leads To Qualified Members" for custom Data-Flows in the Automatic Lead Matching Add-On has now been removed as it is redundant.