On this article, we are going to cover how to retrieve, modify or add a new password for you and other administrators in your directory.

  • Retrieve Password - Administrator

  • Retrieve / Modify Password - Secondary Administrators

Retrieve Password - Administrator

Please go to http://managemydirectory.com

Click on I forgot my password

Enter your email address and click on Send Login Details »

Shortly, you will receive the following email:

Retrieve / Modify Password - Secondary Administrators

Go to:


1. You could change their password first for the email template to be updated with a new password. If you want to use the same credentials go to step 2.

Click on Edit:

Here you can update the password and/or email if necessary. Click on Save Changes.

2. Click on Actions >> Email Login Details

You are going to see this email template with your team member's credentials:

You can modify the Subject and the Title of the email to match what you are doing for your team member, see this example:

Finally, Click on Send Email.