To make this change you are going to overwrite the image that is already in the system which is:


To add a custom made icon tip follow this steps:

  1. Save the file you would like to use as replacement for the Preferred Member button as tip-icon.png on your computer
  2. In your Admin area click on Toolbox -> File Manager
  3. Now on your File Manager click on the button images, then Upload followed by clicking on Choose File or Browse (Depends on Internet Browser used)


  1. Choose the tip-icon.png file on your Computer and click OK. If you are uploading it for a second or third time, always toggle the option Overwrite Existing Files as shown in the image above, so the new upload overwrites the old file.

Note:  Before you take the steps above, if you navigate to the /images folder using your File Manager in the Admin area of your site or in your cPanel account, the "tip-icon.png" file will not be present.  This is completely normal and by design.  However, once you upload your custom "tip-icon.png" file to this location, your website will begin using the image you uploaded instead of the default image automatically.