Filtering searched based on your users physical location is a powerful feature for local directories. There are several steps required to offer this functionality. For starters, you must complete the following basic steps:

IMPORTANT: Your website must have an SSL certificate for this to work.

1. Setup Google Maps Location API 

2. The following Advanced Settings must then be updated to these values:

  • User Geocoding Method: HTML5
  • Geo-Code Visitors: 1
  • Display Visitor's Location: 1

This will prompt your visitors to allow your website to locate their physical location. If permission is granted, you will obtain their latitude and longitude. Your website will remember this for the entire browser session.

This will provide you with the foundation needed to filter search results based on your visitors physical location.

From here, there is some custom work needed to have the software pull that latitude and longitude and enter it as the location that was searched for. Please contact the marketplace to receive a quote.

You can filter your streaming widgets based on someone’s location as well, although there is custom work needed there as well. The average cost per streaming widget is $200.

It is not recommended to stream multipe widgets on the homepage due to the negative impact it has on the overalll page load. We recommend only doing this for the primary feature being promoted on your website, or perhaps to filter premium members in your area.

Please submit a request in the marketplace if you wish to set this functionality up on your website.