The following steps outline the procedure for your members to use in order to upgrade to a higher membership level:

1. Click on Upgrade in the Member Dashboard:

2. Select the membership level that you would like to upgrade to and click on "Continue With Upgrade". Please note only membership levels with a higher Search Result Priority and that have "Upgrade Available" set to "Yes" will appear as options here:

3. Select which plan you would like to signup for:

4. NEW: The billing module will confirm the amount to be paid. With the new billing module, upgrades will take into account how mcuh was already paid by your members. In this case, we already paid $1 for the featured level. The premium level costs $1.99, which means that there is only an outstanding balance of 99 cents. The subscription is for $1.99, which means the following payment would be for the full amount of $1.99:

5. A success message will appear if the transaction was successfully charged:

6. If the member upgrades to the highest membership level available, the prompt to upgrade will disappear on their dashboard:

7. The transaction will appear as an upgrade in your "Transaction History":