This is one of the most frequent questions that are asked during signup. The Brilliant Directories Platform does not come with a Forum Widget. Don’t worry though, because there is a great solution!


Step 1 – Select a Forum Platform that you would like to use


There are multiple options on the web that offer fantastic Forum solutions. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a best of list for both free solutions and paid solutions:


Open-Source Forum Software


Paid Solutions


Step 2 – Create a Sub-domain for your site


If you pointed your domain to our nameservers, you will be able to ask your coach to create a sub-domain for you. For example, if your site is, your sub-domain could be


The sub-domain is completely separate from your Brilliant Directories platform. If you decide to go with a WordPress Plugin, as we did for this community that you are a part of, you will need to use WordPress to set this up. Once you have completed setting this up, you can let your coach know and they will assist you in finalizing everything.




Here are some common questions and answers our partners have for us regarding adding a Forum to their website:


Q. Will the Forum have the same look and feel to my main site?

A. This depends on which solution you have selected. Best practice is to copy the header and footer of your main


Q. Can Brilliant Directories help me set this up?

A. Brilliant Directories does not offer support or assistance with third party platform. There is a good chance, especially with a paid solution, that the Forum Software has Customer Support as well.


Q. How will this impact my SEO? Will it all be considered one site?

A. Your sub-domain will be seen as a completely different site. This is both good and bad. The good news is that if done correctly, you will have a lot of links pointed to your main site, which is excellent for SEO. The negative of course is that your Forum will start from scratch, and will not be able to piggy back on top of your main site’s SEO reputation. If the main URL is new, then this is something you will not have to worry about.