It is now possible to control whether your member search result pages, and feature post pages display results in Grid View or List View. 

If you have an existing Bootstrap Site, it may be possible that you need to setup the Grid View option first. Please click here for documentation on complete this important step. 

What is List View?

Below is a screen shot of the List View setting. As you can see, members show up on top of one another. 

What is Grid View?

Below is a screen shot of Grid View.

What are the limitations of the Grid View layout?

  1. The Grid View layout will adjust to each individual post. This means that if a post has more information than the next, it will expand the box. This creates a flexible environment, but prevents lines from matching up perfectly, similar to the current trend of sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. 
  2. It is NOT possible to select Grid View for only one type of feature, and not the others. This setting controls how all of your search results will be displayed by default. 

How can I edit the List View / Grid View Setting?

  1. Login to the admin panel of your website. 
  3. Scroll down to "Additional Design Settings"
  4. Select "Start in List View" or "Start In Grid View" under the "Search Results Layout Tab

  5. Click "Save Settings"