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Changelog - September 2016

New Features:

  • Member features Reset Functionality, click here for more documentation. 
  • Dropdown URL's for Homepage Streaming Widget Options on design settings section. 
  • Clean Unused Images Tool.

Enhancements / Fixes: 

  • Full Optimization to the code Infrastructure with enhancements in all modules of the system.
  • More than 25+ bugs fixed ranging from Backend, Admin Panel, Frontend and more.
  • New Text Labels added to the Core Files. Text Labels: removed_logo_label, profile_photo_upload_success_message, legacy_crop_message_label, deleted_photo_label

1 Comment

I just wanted to say that the code reset feature is a great solution (I bet it saves you guys loads of time as well!). Can you tell us if it is going to be pushed out to the Web Content pages as well (How it Works, etc.) as well?



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