To add more content for your members to fill out in the sign up process we will do these following steps:

1. Toolbox ->  Form Manager and select either the Sign Up - Free Member or Sign Up - Paid Member form.

2. Once in here we might need add a mandatory new field in order for this to work. This field is there by default but just in case it's not, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on Add New Form Field +

  • Under Label Name type the number 1
  • Under Variable Name type store_meta_data
  • In select field type select the option Hidden

3. Save Changes

Now that you have added this new field, you are able to create another New field for your members to fill out. For example, here we can see how they can fill out their name on the sign up page.

1. Create a new field asking member to fill out first name.

  • In Label Name type "Enter First Name"
  • In Variable Name type first_name
  • Please select the field type Text Input Field
  • and in css class please type form-control

Once you have done this and saved, your form should look something like this:

This will make sure that once a member fills out this information they won't have to do it again in the Contact Details.