Your directory site is composed with modular "widgets", these "widgets" are systems of code with an specific and/or multiple functionalities.

To see which widgets are being used on a specific page to later edit their text, add additional functionality or simply change their style, we first need to follow these steps:

  1. Please visit your Admin Dashboard, on the right top corner click on Visit Website.


  2. The button "Visit Website" will take you to your homepage but with one additional bonus, it will show the Admin Bar to your Left.


  3. Click on the Magnifying Glass.


  4. It will render the page again but this time, it will show all Active Widgets used on the Page.
  5. Now you can simply click on the one you are looking for to edit.


  6. By clicking on top of the widget name, you'll be taken to the Widget Manager to view the actual widget:

    - Click on Customize if you wish to "Edit".