This article will explain how to hide the "Best Describes You" option in the Contact Details.

You will want to do this only if you have one top level category.

To get started we will do these following steps:

1. Toolbox -> Form Manager -> Listing - Contact

2. Look for the "Best Describes You" Field or for the profession_id.

3. You then will replace the "Best Describes You" with the profession_id of your top level category.

4. Also you will then replace the Top Level Category to Hidden.

5. Save Changes

How do i find out what the profession_id of the top level category is?

If you don't know the profession_id of your top level category please follow these short steps:

1. Members - Member Categories

2. The ID will be in the ID column like in the image below:

Once the set-up is complete, the members of your site will need to Save the Listing - Contact Details - Member form first, then they will be able to select the sub-categories on the Listing - Additional Details - Member form.