If you are looking for help on how to edit the Sign Up Pages you are in the correct place! 

There are two different places that you will need to go in order to edit these pages.

Sign Up Page Form Manager

The first place where you would want to go is into the Form manager.

1. Toolbox ->  Form Manager and select either the Sign Up - Free Member or Sign Up - Paid Member form.

2. Once we are in the form you will be able to edit the wording of your options and if you wish to add an additional field please go HERE.

Sign Up Page Content Management

The second part to edit the Sign Up Pages would be in the Custom SEO Settings.

We will need to go into Content -> SEO Templates.

In here please scroll down until you find Billing - Checkout and click on Edit.

In this page you will be able to change the wording of the sign up page.