If you are looking for to add a Calendar to a Page, you must follow the steps shown below.

Access your Admin Dashboard, click on Content - Manage Web Page

Here you'll find a new page (or a existing page), now we can add the title, sub title, permalink and the widget that creates the calendar on the page. Please see the following points mentioned and the image shown below:

  1. Enter the Title of the page.
  2. Enter the Subtitle of your page.
  3. Enter the permalink of this specific page. (EG. Permalink: http://frandemo.directoryup.com/events-calendar)

  4. Click on the "Source Code" Icon.

  5. Add the following widget to your page:

    [widget=Bootstrap Theme - Display - Events Calendar]

  6. Click on "Save Web Page".

Here you can see how the Calendar will be displayed in your page: