The following email templates are available with the Basic Leads Module: 

  • visitors-lead-submitted: Sent to the visitor after completing the member contact form or the get-matched form. 
  • admin-lead-submitted: Sent to the admin of the website. This is a notification email that includes a quick log in to instantly match the lead to your members. 
  • member-lead-preview: This email includes a message preview to your members. Your members will have a link that logs them into their accounts instantly which gives them the opportunity to accept or decline the lead. 
  • member-lead-complete: This email includes the entire message and contact details of the website visitor. By sending the complete lead, you essentially take away the necessity of interacting with your website. Also, by sending the complete lead, your members will not be required to "accept" the lead, which in turn makes it impossible to keep track of which leads have been accepted. 

These templates can be edited to your liking by going to EMAIL >> EMAIL TEMPLATES. To learn more about how to edit email templates visit:

How To Edit Email Templates