The Multi-Member or also known as Sub Accounts are independent member accounts that can be created, edited, and deleted by a single master account. This allows a single member to have complete control over multiple other members on a site. This can be acquired individually here: Multi-Member Manager

Multi-Member Benefits

  • For members that have multiple physical locations and want to create and control accounts for each of the independent locations, Sub Accounts is the perfect solution.  Examples include a restaurant chain that has multiple locations, a corporation that has multiple offices, or a bank that has multiple branches.

  • Multi-Member Accounts are treated as completely independent accounts on the site, meaning they can make their own member feature posts (events, videos, classifieds, etc) and will appear in search results as its own independent listing.

  • Multi-Member Accounts can provide significant differentiation between membership levels at different price points - allowing members at a premium membership level to create and control multiple members at once can add a lot of value for the members.

Important Notes About Multi-Member Accounts

  • When a master account creates a Sub Account, the Sub Account will be created at the same membership level as the master account.

  • Sub Accounts will never have access to the Sub Accounts feature, meaning they cannot create a third tier of Sub Account or "grandchildren" of the master account.

How To Access The Multi-Member Accounts Feature

The Multi-Member Feature is an add-on that must be purchased in order to have the functionality enabled on the website. 

Multi-Member Manager

Enable Multi-Member Accounts For A Product (Membership)

To add this as a feature for a membership level, simply navigate to Finance - Membership Plans, click on "Edit Settings" for the membership level the admin would like to activate it for:

Click on the Post Publishing tab, and then check the boxes for the Sub Accounts feature:

The admin can also limit the number of sub-accounts per member by toggling the "Max Limit". 

This is an add-on called: "Limit Posts Per Member" and will allow the admin to limit the number of sub-accounts members can have. This add-on will also work with videos, blogs, photo albums, properties, events, coupons, classifieds, audio files, jobs, etc. 

Adding Multi-Member Accounts As A Member

If a member logs into their account, they will see links in the sidebar for "Sub Accounts":

When a member adds a sub-account, they can fill in all of the basic information for the account directly from their member dashboard:

To save time, members can click on the "Copy Details From Master Account" button:

They can then edit, delete, or log in to any of their sub-account directly from the primary account's member dashboard by clicking on the "Sub Accounts" link:

Each of the Sub Accounts can be logged into and managed directly like a normal member, or they can be managed from the Dashboard of the Main Account.

Adding Sub Accounts From The Admin

The admin can also add or remove Sub-accounts from the admin area. 

Let's say that the admin wants to add Member ID#18 - Sample Member Inc. 2 as a Sub Account of Member ID#1 - Sample Member Inc.. 

The admin just needs to go to the Members Section and search for Member ID#18 (Which is the member the admin wants to convert in Sub Account) and click on Actions >> Quick Edit: 

Go to the "Listing Settings" tab and in the "Parent ID" field, add the ID of the Main Account that in this case, will be "1" 

Now if the admin logs in as Member ID#27 (Main Account) it will find the Member ID#69 as a Sub Account: 

If the admin are deleting the master account of the sub members it will always ask if they wish to delete the sub accounts as well or if they wish to keep them active.

More Information

The admin will be able to tell which members are sub-accounts and it will show the parent of the account, this way it's much easier to track members.

It will also show the number of sub-accounts that the parent account has:

Clicking on the number of sub-account will redirect to a search result page with the parent and all of its sub-accounts.

Sub account members will be able to see who their parent account is when they log into their member dashboard:

Change Parent Member - Bulk Action

With this tool, the admin can: Update Parent Account to be a New Member.

Select the members that the admin want to update, then select Change Parent Member and then click on Apply:

A popup message is going to appear, select the member that the admin want as the parent account:

Click on Yes, Continue to change the Parent Account:

How To Add A Sub Account Manually

Go to Members >> Search Members

Find the ID of the member that is going to be the parent account, in this example member 18 is going to be the parent of member 19

 Now click on Actions >> Quick Edit 

Go to the Listing Settings tab and add the new Parent ID:

Lastly, click on Save Changes.

Please see the Sub Accounts Q&A for even more information regarding this premium feature.

Sub Accounts Importing Details

When Importing sub-accounts the only difference is it would have a field called parent_id, in this field the admin would enter the user_id of the member that is the parent/owner of this sub-account, if the admin is importing a member that is itself a parent that can have sub-accounts, this field would be left empty.


  • The admin won't know the user_id of a parent account until the parent account is imported, so it would be best to import the parent accounts first, and then import the sub-accounts for those parent accounts once the admin knows the correct parent_id to enter
  • If account A is the parent account of account B, account B cannot be the parent of another account
  • Find attached an example of this type of import, find as "EXAMPLE-completed-member-import-multi-listing-manager"