There are five primary causes to emails not being received when going live with your website. Please read through the possible causes of why you may not be receiving or sending emails. 

1. The Default Email Address Is Not Setup Properly

A valid email address is mandatory in this section for emails to be sent out properly. You can access this field by clicking on "General Settings: in the admin.

2. The "Email Domain" Does Not Match the website's Domain Or Is Improperly Setup

Often times a customer will input an email instead of an email domain. An email domain should only include the domain itself, without an "@" symbol or what comes before it. Here is an example of a properly set up email domain: 

3. I Am Using GoDaddy As My Email Provider

Go Daddy has known issues with Brilliant Directories causing email interruptions. Due to their strict email regulations, our recommendation is to use Gmail for Business. 

4. I Have An Existing Email Service And Have Pointed My Nameservers To Brilliant Directories

This can quickly be fixed by reverting the nameservers and pointing the domain via the A Record instead. Here is some helpful information on whether to use the nameservers method or an A Record: