Search results are only able to display one type of content at a time. This means that the system can return search results for one of the following:

  • Members
  • Coupons
  • Classifieds
  • Properties
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Photos
Search results will never contain member results and coupon results for example. This is why we recommend having a portal to browse coupons on your website if your intention is to allow users to search for coupons. Our  platform offers search modules for every type of data should you wish to offer a means to search for features such as "properties". 

How Are Member Search Results Generated?
  • Main categories
  • Sub categories
  • Company name
  • First & last name
The search engine also prioritizes what type of search result is displayed based in the order of the items above. If there is a main category match, the search engine will display all of the listings what fall under that category. If no match is made, the search engine will then look for an exact match on sub categories. If no match is made again, it will begin to look at company names and first & last names. If no results are found, it will state so. 

Can I Have Multiple Categories With The Same Name?

Multiple categories with the same name conflict with one another. If two categories are the same, the system will only be able to show results from one. This dos and donts video on categories from our getting started guide discuses this as well. Customers that do this have members that get frustrated that they do not show in a search result for a category they are listed in. There are also major importing complexities when having duplicate category names that often times lead to additional parsing costs.

Important Note: This article does not cover how search results are generated related to locations. We recommend reading the following articles to fully understand how location settings work with relation to search results: