ShareASale is an affiliate tracking system which offers users the ability to implement and manage an affiliate program on their site. If you want to create an affiliate program and track all of the paid members who sign up through the referrals sent by your affiliates, ShareASale is our recommended option. 


To implement ShareASale on your site, please follow these steps:

1. Visit the ShareASale Site. Register in it as a Merchant and follow the first 3 steps provided in their site and adjust the settings as you see fit for you site:

2. When you arrive at Step 4, you will need to select the option I am using a custom built shopping cart and then click on the View Tracking Code Instruction button at the right of the list. 

3. This will expand the web site and show you some additional information about the option you selected and how you can manage it. At the end of this list, you should see a Box with the HTML code you need to copy. It should look similar to this:


<img src="" width="1" height="1">


4. We will now change the code to adapt it to your Brilliant Directories site. The end result will look like this:


<img src="<?=$b[amount]?>&tracking=<?=$b[user_id]?>&transtype=sale&merchantID=12345678" width="1" height="1">

Please be sure to copy this code exactly as you see above.   The only change you need to make is to add your own unique "merchantID"  that is provided by ShareASale.  Enter that number here:


This new code will grab the variables needed when a member for example signs up for a membership on your site. 

5. Now we go to the Admin area of the site and navigate to Toolbox -> Widget Manager and search for the Bootstrap Theme - Conversion Tracking Codes widget. Edit this Widget. Note that this Widget already comes with the default ShareASale img tag for your convenience.

Now add the modified code you got from ShareASale (Step 4 in this  guide) and paste it in any line you want. I would recommend like 7, just  above line 8 which shows <div id="match">. So the final result for lines 7 and 8 would look something like this:


<img src="<?=$b[amount]?>&tracking=<?=$b[user_id]?>&transtype=sale&merchantID=12345678" width="1" height="1">
<div id="match">


6. Save the widget and go to your ShareASale account on their site.  On their Step 5 (Test the System), at the bottom, you should see the  following:

7. Click the CLICK HERE TO START THE TEST link and follow the steps on your BD site to register as a paying member. After the member is registered, click on the Click here when you have completed the test button (Image above). You should see a table that shows information  about the registered member on your BD site as well how much it was  charged for him/her and any discounts, coupons or anything else you  configured for your Merchant account on your ShareASale site.

Following these steps you have now configured, implemented and tested  a ShareASale tracking system on your site that will offer more options  for your site and for your members.  Simply follow the final steps in  your ShareASale account, and your affiliate program setup will be  complete!