To moderate the content (articles, coupons, jobs, events, videos, etc.) your members publish, follow the next steps:

1. Go to Toolbox - Form Manager - Select the feature's form you wish to moderate:

2. Scroll down to the Publish field. Set field type to Hidden Field. Set default value to 0. 

3. Then Save changes. Remember to replicate for each feature you need to moderate before publishing.

4. Once this has been implemented, you can moderate the content in Content - Manage Post

Here you'll have access to all member's content.

A. Select the tab of the feature you want to moderate.

B. Once you've viewed, edited or confirmed the user's content, use the check-mark to select the content.

C. Select action to apply.

D. Hit Save.

Important: Remember when moderating content, constantly check your member's content and update it. Anything that requires to be moderated before publishing will remain as a draft until approved for publishing.