This document goes through the steps to take if you see the following error on your website:

You are seeing this error because Google has improved their security protocols and requires that all API requests (Google Maps, etc) contain a valid API Key generated for your specific website. This is an error generated by Google's security protocols and not by the Brilliant Directories software.

If you see the error above on your website, it means that your API Key was not created correctly. To resolve this error, please follow the instructions shown here very carefully to create an API Key properly: Google Maps API Key

If you continue to see this error after following the instructions above, you likely missed a step or did not follow the very important step 10 completely. Please follow the steps again.

If you still get the same error after following all of the steps precisely, please submit a ticket or email with a screenshot of the domains you entered in step 10 and the final API Key shown in step 21. This will help us resolve any issues you continue to have as quickly as possible.