The Brilliant Directories Lead Module allows directory owners to “match” leads to additional businesses. There are two primary ways that your website generates leads for your members.

1. Member Forms

The primary source of leads come from users trying to contact your members directly on their profile pages. Brilliant Directories makes it possible for you to send the content of that lead to as many of your members as you like. Of course, we understand there are many instances where sending a lead to additional members does not fit a particular business model.

What I advise doing is to send out leads that come to your free and claim listings to your paid listings as well. Chances are you will only have a handful of premium members as you start out. It is vital you go out of your way to making them happy since retention is key when you are starting out.

We always recommend reading the message sent prior to sending it to additional members. You will get many personal messages which are not useful to your other members. Here is an example of a message that would be a poor candidate

“Tom told me that you changes locations finally. That’s great! Where are you located now?”

2. Get Matched Forms

The “Get Matched” form is used to have general inquiries come to you directly to have matched to members that meet the criteria set by your website visitor. To put it simply, your website visitor is looking to be contacted by members on your website that are able to assist him/her.

This is a growing use of online directories. Rather than spending hours browsing the Internet to find businesses that can help, users can now fill a single form and have those businesses come to them!

If someone is looking for a carpenter in Detroit, you can send that inquiry to all of your members that are located in Detroit that have checked off “carpenter” as one of their specialties.