With these settings, it is possible to fully control which membership plans appear on the member's upgrade/Downgrade page. 

To activate the "Available Upgrade Options" settings,  please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Finance » Membership Plans and click on "Edit" for any Membership Plan:

2. On the "Sign Ups & Upgrades" tab are the Upgrade Settings (Scroll down to the bottom):

3. There are few options inside the "Upgrade Settings" section for each membership plan:

 1. Upgrade Email Sent: Choose an email template to be sent after member upgrades to this membership plan.  Send Copy of Email to Default Website Email Address: If this setting is checked (Default), the system will send a copy of this email to the owner of the site (Default Website Email Address).     

2. After Upgrading To This Plan, Set Account Status As: This option will allow selecting the status of the members as soon as they upgrade to this specific membership plan.  

These are the 2 options:  

  • Active Account: This will make the member active as soon as she or he upgrades, the account will be visible on the site right away.

  • Inactive Account:  This will make the member inactive as soon as she or he upgrades, the account will not be visible on the site right away. Same Status before upgrading: if the account active, then it will remain active, if it was inactive, then it will remain inactive. 

3. Available Upgrade Options: The membership plans selected here will appear as options to upgrade or downgrade. Members can upgrade to a paid membership or downgrade from a paid membership to a free membership plan.

    Pre-Selected Plan: This membership plan will appear as the preferred upgrade option. 

    Display Order: Select the order the membership plans will show up. 


4. Upgrade Page Header Content: The text entered here will display above the available upgrade options on the upgrade page.

5. Description Why Members Should Upgrade to This LevelThe text entered here will display as a description for this membership level when it is an option to upgrade to.


  • Membership plans that have the Account Type "claim" cannot upgrade. The listing first has to be claimed by a member, and then the member can upgrade.

We'll recommend referencing the following documentation in order to set up the upgrade options: Setup Upgrade Options in Membership Plans.

Have questions about how member upgrades are completed on the website? Please read this article: Member Upgrades From Members Perception.