The Member Contact Form uses the following form: 

In order to customize this from you must go to TOOLBOX >> FORM MANAGER >> BOOTSTRAP THEME - GET MATCHED.

If you do not see this form in your library please contact support so that they may copy it to your website. 

Default Form Layout

Where Do Messages Sent Via This Form Go?

You can access contact form submissions via "Match Leads" in the admin:

Email Notifications: 

Website Administrator

The website administrator receives the following email template the moment the contact details form is completed:

This is how the email will look like in the admin email inbox:

Form Submitter

The person that submits this form will also get an email:

This is what it looks like in the email inbox:

The Member That Was Contacted

This is what the form looks like in the email inbox:

Special Settings That Are Linked To The Member Contact Form:

Hiding The Member Contact Form Per Membership Level

You may wish to hide the contact from for claim or free listings perhaps. If this is the case, you ca go to:


How To Reply

If you have set your website to automatically send leads when a member is contacted directly there is no further action required by you unless you wish to send the lead to additional members. You can access this setting in "Lead Settings". 

If "Receiving Direct Leads" is set to "No", you will be required to "Match" the lead to the member that you wish to receive this inquiry. To match a lead please go to LEADS >> MATCH LEADS in your admin. 

You will notice that a lead that is sent to a member when your settings to auto-deliver are set to know go in a "Pending Folder":

I can tell that the lead was submitted on a profile page because of the origin source:

By clicking on "Profile" you can be taken straight to the member profile page of the member that was contacted. This can be very helpful as the search criteria submitted may not match what this member is offering, and you will most likely want to send it to the member that was contacted anyways. In the example above, the school that was contacted was Idiomas Mundiales, and they do NOT offer "Portuguese" classes. This is why when we click on "Match" we see no results: 

In this example, I want to send the lead to the member that was contacted regardless, therefore I will search for him above:

By scrolling below, I can now see this member:

By clicking on "Match", the system will instantly send the email according to your "Lead Settings". If you wish to manually send this email, or add a personal touch, you can lick on the small arrow on the right and three options will present themselves: 

If is our recommendation to always select "Send Custom Preview Email and set as Pending". Sending the complete email will provide the email and phone number in the email itself, giving your members no reason to interact with your platform. 

Once you select an option, your email will pop up and you will be able to make edits to it as you please:

When you are pleased with your email you can click on "send" and you member will officially have been notified.