The "Bootstrap Theme - Get Matched" form is linked to your "Leads" engine. There are multiple settings at your disposal that make it easy to edit what displays, and what doesn't. 

To edit form settings please go to LEADS  >>  LEAD SETTINGS >> GENERAL LEAD SETTINGS >> FORM SETTINGS.

The following settings are available to you:

Although "Profile Pages" and the "Get Matched" area utilize the same "Bootstrap Theme - Get Matched" form, it is possible to offer a separate experience for both. For example, you may wish to hide the "category drop-down" on member profile pages since the website visitor has completed searching and has found the member you are looking for. 

To remove this, you would need to make edits on the "Profile Pages" tab in this area. The "Website Pages" tab refers to whichever page the "Get Matched" form is located other than profile pages.  

We'll break down all of the settings available to you:

Profile Pages

"Enable "Get Replies From More Members Option: You can set this to "Yes" or "No". By setting this to "Yes", website visitors will see the following on each member form: 

When someone selects "Yes", the lead will be submitted as "Open Bidding", which means that they want you to match them to additional members. The lead will be flagged as such in the system:


We always recommend reading the lead details and seeing if in fact it is worth matching to additional members. Often times, the message will be very specific to the member that was contacted, and would be confusing to other members should you send the lead your way. 

It is not possible to show this only for a specific membership level unless you purchase the "Advanced Leads Package". 

Display Location Fields: You can choose to hide the location field altogether. Perhaps locations do not matter to your website since you are selling online products, or perhaps all of your members are located in the same city. If this is the case, you may wish to set this to "Yes". If you have members in separate cities we recommend setting this to "No" for more accurate lead matching. 

Map Display Option: You have three options regarding how you wish your location fields to display should you choose to display location fields:

Display Category Fields: Setting this to "No" will hide the ability to filter by category. Often times this will be useful for Profile Pages but not for a "Get Matched" form. 

Category Display Options: It is now easy to customize which type of category search is available to your customers on your lead form. Ideally, you will match the same search experience as on your homepage, although there may be instances where it is useful  to offer a unique experience during the lead submission process. The following five options are available to you:

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