The following documentation is exclusively for the "Advanced Leads Package". To purchase the "Advanced Leads Package" please email us at support. 

You can now control which membership levels have the "Get Replies From More Members" option display on the member contact form. This is a great upsell technique as members on your site will not like the idea of having competitors compete for leads that should have been exclusively sent to them. 

This is how this field appears on your member forms: 

When someone selects "Yes", the lead will be submitted as "Open Bidding", which means that they want you to match them to additional members. The lead will be flagged as such in the system:


We always recommend reading the lead details and seeing if in fact it is worth matching to additional members. Often times, the message will be very specific to the member that was contacted, and would be confusing to other members should you send the lead your way.