Keep in mind that If your members already selected categories this will remove all 

their selections. 


We recommend scheduling a training session with a specialist before proceeding.


The way that the software is designed, all members can only select one Top Level Category. 

There is a workaround however that will make this work the way that you need it. 

You will need to create a General Top-level category that captures all of your members, and then

have the rest of your categories as sub and sub sub categories. 


You will first edit the CSV file that you used to upload your Category Structure and add a new column. 

In the image bellow is called Business. That will be your only Top Level Category.



What used to be your Top Level Categories are now your Sub Categories and what used to be

your Sub-Categories are now your Sub-Sub-Categories.

You will now proceed to re-upload the new category structure using the CSV file. If you do not 

have this file, feel free to click on this link: 

or use the option that can be found on the screen after clicking on the Import Categories in the 

backend of your site. (see image bellow)

Make sure to select the option to delete the existing ones. This will also mean that any member that has 

previously selected a category will have to do this again. This is why is very important to do this before 

uploading many members to your site.

Next step will be to hide your Top Level Category so that is selected by default 

To get started we will do these following steps:

1. Toolbox -> Form Manager -> Listing - Contact

2. Look for the "Best Describes You" Field.

3. You then will replace the "Best Describes You" with the profession_id of your top level category.

4. Also you will then replace the Top Level Category to Hidden.

5. Save Changes

How do i find out what the profession_id of the top level category is?

If you don't know the profession_id of your top level category please follow these short steps:

1. Members -> Categories



If you login as a member, you can now select more than one Category and Sub Category from the Listing Details Tab.

You may also want to have the Search option in your Home Page display correctly. Go to Settings/Design Settings. 

Select the Homepage Layout Tab then select the Hidden Top-Level Filter.