We are excited to announce a big update that will change how images uploaded by members are handled by the system.

While this has been thoroughly tested by our team and several dozen BETA users, please note that this is currently an early version of the release.  If you encounter any issues with members uploading images after this has been installed on your site, please submit a ticket here:  http://bootstrap.brilliantdirectories.com/support/tickets/new

This is a free update for all Brilliant Directories users. 

What Is Addressed With This Update?

  • Images being saved in a temporary folder to be processed by the system - all images will be processed on the fly before being uploaded, saving valuable storage space for your website.
  • Standardizing and optimizing the size of images uploaded to the system - this will allow pages to load more quickly and will reduce the amount of bandwidth used by each page load.
  • Optimizing for social media sharing - every profile page will have a primary image (profile photo or logo) that is sized properly for social media sharing by default.

How Are Images Going To Be Handled After This Update?

Prior to this update, the entire image that is uploaded would be saved in a temporary folder before it was cropped and resized at better resolutions for display on the website. In some cases, large image files were also used to display at a much smaller size on the live website. With this update, images are only saved at optimized sizes for the different areas they display throughout the site, and they are all processed on the fly, without being saved in a temporary folder first.  This reduces both overall bandwidth and storage use for your site, and results in faster performance when loading a page. 

Requirements to Receive This Update

In order for this update to be installed on your site, it must meet the following requirements.

Software Version

Your website must be using the Bootstrap version of the software.

Default Widgets

The following Default Widgets have been modified to support this update.  If you currently have a custom version of one of these widgets on your website, it must be renamed to something else (EG add "OLD" to the end of the name of the widget), or deleted in order for the update to take effect.

  • Bootstrap Theme - Account - Listing Forms Controller
  • Bootstrap Theme - Account - Profile Image Upload
  • Bootstrap Theme - Member Profile
  • Bootstrap Theme - Member Profile - Overview Tab
  • Bootstrap Theme - Member Profile - Header
  • Bootstrap Theme - Member Profile - Contact Page
  • Bootstrap Theme - Member Profile - Submit Review
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Members
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Homepage Featured Members
  • Bootstrap Theme - Display - Recent Reviews
  • Bootstrap Theme - Member Profile - Read Review
  • Bootstrap Theme - Account - Edit Uploaded Photos
  • Bootstrap Theme - Account - Photo Albums Upload Form
  • Bootstrap Theme - Account - Photo Albums Upload
  • Bootstrap Theme - HEAD

Latest Member Feature Code

The following member features must be using the most recent version of their code:
  • Listing (Search Results Design)

In order to set the code of your member features to the most recent default settings, please see this article: (Bootstrap) Reset Member Features To Default

More Information

For more information about how to edit specific settings and what each setting will do, please see the following documentation: