Redirecting members or potential members to a specific page after submitting a certain form can be a powerful tool that can be utilized anytime within the functionalities of the Brilliant Directories platform.

Redirect to URL option and many other additional settings can be found when clicked on Edit Form Settings on preferred form. I will be using the Contact Us form for this example:

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Edit Form Settings option will only be available under Edit view for CUSTOMIZED FORMS. To access these form settings for any Default Forms, simply customize the form. (Customized Forms explained in depth in the following article >> Toolbox » Form Manager)

Clicking on Edit Form Settings will display a pop-up. On this section, under Save Actions tab, choose from the drop-down "Redirect to URL" as Save Actions and specify the redirect URL under "Redirect to URL" section:

After clicking Save Changes, the website visitor will be redirected to the specified URL everytime they submit this customized form: